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    • Luz Thrash

      I Don't Have A Wooden Heart

      This performance was in the NY apartment of my best friend Emma Castillo's cousin Tommy Rivada, a Filipino Elvis type singer who worked as a med tech in NYC in 1973. I accompanied Emma on vacation from Anniston AL.
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        My False Foxglove

        Purple Gerardia is back.
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          Bird sanctuary

          Bobwhite quail are back.
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            Comfort Stations

            Comfort stations: My hugging tree is close by and my granddaddys rose bush is huge with a side order of yellow wood sorrel in planter pot plus an acre of chickweed if we are reduced to grazing during pandemic.
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              John 3:16 on 3/16/2020

              Someone called for National John 3:16 Day, particularly on this date. God help us all, I have my own red-letter version to contribute to the cause.

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                admin on My False Foxglove (): Declared Gerardia pathways as private Scott County MS Nature Center.